I just spent almost 1/2 a day moving my 7 years of mail from Gmail to Live.com.  Live used to be Hotmail, and being a Microsoft product it integrates seamlessly into my Windows Phone.  It made sense I said.  How hard can it be I asked myself.

You’re probably asking why I’d move my email address after having it for so long.  I took over an hour the other day to read the new privacy and terms of service that Google is releasing.  I’d be understating it if I said it wasn’t far sweeping and touching a lot of data that most people don’t realize flows through Google network servers.

See, the new terms of service cover all of their services and products, not just this one or that one.  Companies contract with Google to provide aggregate search results to their own applications and engines.  Companies hire Google to provide email and web services.  The terms of service is changing for everything tied to Google, Inc.  Yup, everything.

Back to my reason of switching.  It’s not for the faint of heart if you want to take with you what you’ve accumulated over several years.  The phone portion was easy, just did a reset and tied it to the new email address.  Phone sees it as a live ID and whatever you use initially can’t be changed, hence the hard reset.  I used my gmail live ID when I first set it up.

I am not battling with duplicate contacts, pictures, and other nonsense that doesn’t make sense.  I think I’m through it all at this point, but I lost 5 hours I won’t be getting back.  The worst part about all of this is that basically my entire family switched to GMail as I had sold them on it.  Now, the seller has jumped ship and moved to another free service…..  How’s that going to appear?

Believe I am done with the selling of tech to family and friends, its too hard to deal with complaints.  Do what you want, and I’ll give advice to specific questions.  Other than that, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

There are other things on a Sunday I’d like to have done…….  Bah.