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Halloween Horse Dress Up


My daughter has been taking horse riding lessons for a few months now and is starting to get really good.  She dressed up “Mama”, who is the horse that took to her completely from day one, as a Pink Fluffy Unicorn.  She is dressed as Dana, or Diane, the handler for Piplup (some Pokemon thing, I’m so lost).  Anyway, she’s been taking care of this horse and learning to ride since the beginning of the summer and so far hasn’t wanted to quit.  She’s quit everything else she’s tried.  Here’s hoping that I’ll have a picture like this for next year’s TTT.

Thank You Ikea

The television is temporary, the original one died.  Waiting until Christmas to get a new television to fill the gaping hole.

Thank you Ikea for being so awesome making last year’s design and furniture relevant again with new add-ons.  We purchased this dandy entertainment center I think a year or two ago and have added to its functionality with every visit back to Ikea.  This last trip scored us these two drawer inserts for two of the cubbies (lower left and right corner, see the yellow arrows?) so we can hide the stuff we don’t like sitting out in the open.  Notice that there isn’t much on this shelving system as I had my way with it a few weeks back and had a throw away party.  My wife wasn’t thrilled, but as you can see, the clutter-magnet hasn’t been turned back on again.

Harley “I’m not fat, I’m poofy”


This “fluffy butt*” is my cat, who is now 11 and still well over 15 lbs.  He didn’t take the time to acknowledge me taking his picture while eating because, well, cats are like that.  Being an older cat, he’s got “old man” issues to deal with on a regular basis.  He’s still eating, drinking, and pooping with normal ferocity so there aren’t any issues we can’t handle.  His favorite thing to do is walk on my head at night until I wake up so I can then scratch his neck.

*“fluffy butt” and any derivative is the copyright of Nerd in the Brain, lol


Daughter Approved!

TTT Music Album Recommendation

Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns (Deluxe Edition)
by Shaman’s Harvest