Wake Up, White Liberals.

Definitely not TL;DR

R.R. Wolfgang

Oh, for the love of god, to all the white liberals who with one breath criticized BlackLivesMatter, then Ferguson, and the “I Can’t Breathe” movement, and who are *now* crying foul because a racist, misogynist has waltzed into the White House – SHUT.UP.

You are part of the problem. You have enabled this with your selective attention, with your continued willful ignorance to the actual state of affairs in this country. The world is not uglier than it was three days ago – you are only now waking up to what many of us have been saying all along. You are now being forced out of your bubble to actually look at the damage YOU  and YOUR party have caused with your arrogance and hubris.

It sucks, doesn’t it?

Misogyny exists. Racism exists, as I’ve been saying ever since I moved up to Portland and was confronted with it on…

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Author: Andrew

I'm a middle aged technology geek with a life long passion for computers, technology, politics, science and all the bits in the middle between 0 and 1. I used to be a liberal but have mellowed in my advanced years to be more of a moderate conservative with a side of progressive for variety. What that means? Well, that means I carefully weigh all points, listen to what people are saying, then make an informed opinion that makes sense to the largest number of people without being fundamentally unfair. I run a personal blog, help manage and write for a community blog, and manage many other sites for various local businesses. I'm not perfect and failure is always an option, it's how we all learn.

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