Weekend “Would You Rather?” 4

After playing an interesting round of “Would You Rather?” with the family, I thought it would be fun to get into the game of a weekly blog post.  Feel free to join in on your own blog and be sure to give an answer to the question of the week.

**I will keep these questions rated G**


This weeks question has been brought to you by politics.

Would you rather be able to lie without being caught


Always be able to tell when someone else is lying?

Be sure to leave your answer (and justification) in the comments!


  1. I would rather be able to tell when somebody else is lying for the following reason (Justification): —– I am old enough and well-situated-enough that there is no longer any advantage I can gain by doing a lot of lying (I cannot claim that to be the truth when I was busy building my wealth because I do not believe there is a man alive who ever got rich by being truthful all the time …snark ….LOL. ….) but I do think there is some advantage in being able to tell when somebody else is lying because I think I could use such an ability as a really effective defensive measure when needed. But there is a dependable, almost idiot-proof method of telling when a lot of people are lying. Take politicians for example. I think we can safely assume that every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of a politician is a lie unless the politician is outlining the details of something he or she has in mind to screw us with. If the detail their plans for our screwing at their hands then I believe we can believe them almost 100% of the time.By the way– I enjoy this game. 🙂

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  2. Not certain I would like either. Currently I tend to be evasive rather than tell an outright fib. For example when asked about someone’s new haircut.But imagine if you really liked your own new haircut and everyone you met hated it but fibbed about it and you knew. Self esteem down the drain. You could never ask for someone’s opinion. So ok getting off the fence, Being a decent sort who wouldn’t use it to my personal advantage I would prefer to be able to fib and get away with it and avoid hurting people’s feelings unnecessarily. Interesting game by the way.

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  3. The second option. Imagine being a police officer following due procees and bringing a suspect into the interrogation room, for heinous crimes. You know suspect is guilty. All you would need ro do is ask quesrions. Truth serum isn’t ethical, but being able to ask questions and determine someone is lying by this manner is. This is just a simple example. I just found your site. I’m intrigued.

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