Weekend “Would You Rather?” 8

After playing an interesting round of “Would You Rather?” with the family, I thought it would be fun to get into the game of a weekly blog post.  Feel free to join in on your own blog and be sure to give an answer to the question of the week.

**I will keep these questions rated G**


Would you rather be able to see one year into the future


Change any one decision from your past?

Be sure to leave your answer (and justification) in the comments!


  1. I love this game! —– I would rather be able to change one decision I made from the past because: The only time we have in which to do our living is what some refer to as “The Ever-Present Now.” The past has gone and cannot be recovered (and that is why I would rather go back and change something as not) and the future is not assured to any living creature. If I could go back and change something I would want to do it on the condition that I do not lose any of my memory of the present while in the act of changing the past. But even with that there would always be the risk of changing the wrong thing or changing something in the wrong way and having all the chain of circumstances which spun off whatever it was being changed resolve itself into something way worse than what it is now … so on second thought, maybe I better leave the past alone and take a look into the future so I can change something now that might affect that future. Yes, I vote for the second choice here — I would rather look into the future but I am here to tell you that if I were able to look into the future and I actually saw the future and there was nothing there but a blank screen I think I would be very concerned that either I had died or that the world had ended. Neither of the choices is all that attractive when you think about it but the game is really fun to play.

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    1. And there in lies the complexity of the question, a paradox either way you go. I’ve spent a lot of time on string theory and time relativity in my years, it always comes back to the same conclusion: it will lead to consequences that we won’t expect or understand, but we will have to deal with none the less.

      My choice, look into the future, there is less chance of altering who I am in the present.

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