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Bring the happy!


Dating this picture even more, that is a Blackberry work phone at the bottom of the picture.  That phone was awesome btw!

This is the first of two old pictures I found when restoring a backup to my mobile phone, again, after it decided to delete my pictures.  This was my cat, pre-wife, that I absolutely loved.  He unfortunately fell off our loft wall to the floor from about 20′ up.  We think he had a stroke and lost balance.  I won’t go into detail, as this picture is from when he was super healthy, around 2009-ish.


Not a good day for a swim though, the water was around 50F (10C)

I took a “business” trip to Bermuda (I know, Bermuda, go figure) that lasted about 10 days.  The only day I had free I ended up taking a bus to the one end and toured 11 forts that dotted the coast.  This was the picture of the lagoon of one of the larger forts.  The color is correct, the water is green, was a beautifully warm and sunny day that was absolutely awesome for an introvert to experience.  I would certainly go back again.

Lotus Sighting

“Hi, I’m a yellow Lotus.  Can you say YELLOW?”

Saw this Lotus parked at the hotel we stayed at the day of my office party.  It’s a rare sighting indeed in Pennsylvania so far from Philadelphia.  The picture doesn’t do the color justice, it was freaking YELLOW!!  The roof came up to just above my waist.

It’s Cold Outside


Here’s a bonus for this week, consider it wishful thinking that we have snow soon….  Lots of it.  This was a picture from my back door of the table on the deck.  That’s 35″ of snow people!  This snowstorm is what broke my snow blower and of course, once fixed, it didn’t snow again.

TTT Music Album Recommendation

I approve this rock!

by Black River Drive