Three Things Thursday – 12/22/2016


Inspired by Ms. Emily’s Home for Full-Grown Nerds

Bring the happy!

Holiday concerts


The daughter dressed up (her selections) for the holiday concert at her school last week. This was the ONLY picture that she smiled in or didn’t make a funny face. I’m happy that she at least still knows how to smile and look decent so that we have some pictures of her to show to future boyfriends, husband, and grand-children (if she chooses to have children, we’re not pushing).

Fat cat


This cat is fat. Not much to be said about Harley, but he sure likes his food. Envious of a life of eating, sleeping, pooping, licking plastic bags at 2am, more sleeping, etc.


Snickerdoodle / Sugar Cookies / Springerle’s

It’s been a cookie haven at our house this week and I’ve had my fair share. Here are some of the varieties that we baked, some my idea, some not. The Springerle’s are a German cookie (I think) that has been traditionally a purchased cookie in our household. Decided to make a batch of my own and they turned out quite well. Very labor intensive and probably not something I’m going to make on a regular basis.

TTT Music Album Recommendation


I approve this rock!

Sex, Drugs & Blah Blah Blah
by Atomic Hooligan


  1. Cookies…now I am hungry…..I have a 16 pound Chihuahua mix…so yep eating, sleeping and farting…..Your daughter is cute and yes those pics will come in handy in the future it did with my daughter and now my granddaughter….coffee time…have a good day….chuq

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  2. Love your 3 things. Cats all get fat at some point and expect room service. Girls stop smiling between 10 and 13 and don’t start again until they are around 20 unless you are really lucky. She has a sweet smile now though and you can hope it holds a while longer. The Springerle’s are a German cookie. Don’t make them because they are labor intensive. But it looks like you have enough cookies there to have plenty of gratitude. Hope your Christmas was a good one.

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