As we head into Christmas…

This isn’t my time of year, various posts in my archives all around this time show a common theme. While I generally don’t get excited or drunk on the Christmas spirit, that doesn’t mean I Scrooge on others that do. My approach is to establish clear boundaries with people so they know that I don’t share in their enthusiasm and that, if I were to be forced to get involved, the consequences aren’t pretty. For the most part, everyone in the family knows this and isn’t too bent out of shape anymore (there are still moments). They know I get “that look” at a certain point and it’s a signal to just leave me alone for a while. Counterproductive to a non-introvert, almost frustratingly so, but a necessary moment of time for me.



This is sort of how I look when I get “that look”.  Best to steer clear.

Although I’m Scrooge to most outside observers, I do value the fact that it’s a time set aside every year to be around family that you normally wouldn’t see otherwise. I have my issues with family, we all do, and I do my best to accommodate as best as possible so as not to make my Scrooginess contagious. I focus on Christmas as a time my daughter can enjoy and we have never made it about gifts. Our family uses a modified version of Santa, where my wife and I get the bulk of gifts to help him out and he delivers one special gift to her. We have, the three of us, made Christmas about volunteering at the local department store to wrap gifts for families in need (department store donates gift cards, we wrap what they pick out). As this is the first year we’ve been involved with the local volunteer fire company, we rode around with them to hand out candy canes to the children in the neighborhoods Santa on the fire engine visited. We’ve also made it a family affair to one weekend go nuts with baking cookies that we hand out to family, friends, neighbors, etc. I put my foot down that the Snickerdoodles were NOT to be shared, they’re way too good a batch this year 🙂



May Santa bless you with many sexy leg lamps to put in the front window, LOL

It’s going to be a rough weekend coming up. Christmas Eve (Saturday) dinner with my family, brother included. Christmas morning (Sunday) just the three of us, then breakfast with my wifes and my parents. Then Christmas Day dinner at my wifes families house, usually chaotic and stressful, but strangely enjoyable. I have consistently taken the day before Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas Day off so that I can prepare (before) and recover (after) that has typically worked quite well. If I don’t get time at the house to myself for at least a few hours, I just head out somewhere that I can. I’m anticipating this year to be a little rough with my parents and brother as they’ve picked up on the distance I’ve created. I can only hope that they respect that Christmas Eve isn’t the appropriate moment to have “that” conversation and it’s left until after the New Year.


It’s my wish that everyone who reads this has a wonderful Christmas holiday (or quiet weekend if you don’t celebrate) and that we all take a few moments to review the year behind us and hope for the best for the coming year. I’m heading into the final weeks of 2016 with an optimism that 2017 is going to be a good year and my life will continue improving as I increase the understanding of myself and learn about our political, financial, and governmental systems.

See you on the other side of Christmas (next Monday basically).


  1. Christmas was never been the same after the death of my mother on Christmas Day…but for my daughter’s sake we put a happy face on it….it was never about the gifts in my family either…more about sharing the time on good food, friendship and sharing various things….

    I will do one post a day over this weekend as with every other weekend…I hope you have a safe and happy Christmas and I will look for you come Monday….peace out my friend….chuq

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  2. My Christmas weekend will consist of cleaning my office (aka, FINALLY putting things away properly), learning to draw, writing when the ideas start flowing with the coffee, painting when it’s time for the Baileys, and hanging out at home with dad making calls to a few family members and my best friend. Otherwise, when I get sick of that, I’ll go to the coffee shop and try to be sociable…though I do find it odd that the Starbucks and diners around here are positively packed a good portion of the day–they used to not be.

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      1. I’ve probably recommended this to you before, but if I haven’t, look on youtube for a little song that starts 30 seconds into the video by Nostalgia Critic: holiday clusterf**** (obviously I didn’t spell it right, but you can figure it out). Now I have to watch that video to cheer myself up–too damn much some years, and offering hugs and hi-fives is about the only highlight to my day until 2017 hits.

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    1. Eve down. Day to go. So far so good. Loved opening gifts this morning with just the three of us. Daughter got me a professional Belgian waffle iron, got tired of me complaining we didn’t have one, lol. Hope yours is calm and enjoyable as well.

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