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Bring the happy!

This weeks TTT is all about the future.  I’m skeptically optimistic about 2017 hoping that a few things will change for the better and not get any worse.  There are a lot of topics I have lined up for next year as I find a more regular cadence of blog posts as I’ve been a bit carried away the last few months due to the election.

Happy New Year (early)


An early wish for a Happy New Year.  May it bestow on you good luck and prosperity for you and your family.

Green Cities

This isn’t an Austrian design, it’s actually Chinese.
This is an Austrian design for a city in Dubai.

This is one of my newest interests after having seen several documentaries on the subject.  Our future will be determined by us finally admitting that global climate change is real, we need real technological advancements into alternative energy/fuels and we start reversing the damage already done.  Making our cities green in every way possible is a really good start and not difficult to retro-fit into our current infrastructure.  We should take some direction from Austria on how to change our approach to energy saving and environmentally friendly architecture.

El Camino SS

I will own thee and I shall call you “Sexy”

Seriously, how bad ass is this car?  I can’t find anything concrete that Chevrolet will actually put this car out next year, but wow, is it beautiful.  I have not owned a Chevrolet (or GM product for that matter) since 1995.  If they put this car out, I would reconsider my position with GM and actually purchase one of these.  As I’m not like people who collect cars, I would actually drive this on a regular basis.  I believe if you own a car, you should enjoy said car, unless it’s literally “one of a kind” then it should just be viewed in a museum.

TTT Music Album Recommendation

I approve this rock!

by Hyper