My blog is no longer just about me processing and putting my own thoughts into writing, it’s grown over the last year-ish.  My tagline used to be “Life between 0 an 1” as an o mage to my forever being a geek.  Well, it’s come to be more than that and is now my sites title.  I’m keeping, for now, but am using it only as my site URL.

Just letting all of you know so you don’t think I went away 🙂  Thanks to all who’ve followed me recently as well as to the ones that have been around for a while (you know who you are).  Having a post schedule makes it easier for me to put some real emotion and effort into what I’m posting and I’m working on a good one for next Monday; it’s another politically driven subject but not what you might think…..  I’m doing some history 🙂

See you all on Thursday.