1. “In your Inaugural speech, you said that ‘We are transferring power from Washington, D. C. and giving it back to you, the people.’ While it became apparent during your campaign that your knowledge of the Constitution and how our government works were limited, at best, this statement only substantiates it.”

    whether you like the guy or not, this statement he made really doesnt “prove” anything.

    the fact is, the constitution always has power, but the more unconstitutional laws are passed (theyre illegitimate, but theyre not removed yet) the more trouble we are in.

    a statement like trumps could be intended to signal a return to a status of constitutional laws, with threats to the constitution like tpp being taken down.

    im far from that optimistic, but trying to make it out be rhetoric based on pure ignorance– i just dont agree. his statement could be interpreted that way, but its only one interpretation. you seem to be saying that americans havent lost power– to lobbyists for example. they certainly have. as ive said before, “great” is fine and all– id like to make america *constitutional* again.

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    1. I agree with you some of the statements on the original post were, at best, author opinion, what I got out of this was energy to keep going. Too many Americans have forgotten or written off the government and, if properly informed, would likely not grant someone doing the opposite of what they wanted a re-election seat. There are so many problems that need to be solved, that are integrated with other problems, it really is like untangling a spider web. We’ll get there eventually, I hope, but “we the people” need to invest some effort to make it happen.

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