Three Things Thursday – 01/26/2017


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain


Washer is finally fixed


After some tense washing cycles of large items like bedding with the risk of the top of the washer blowing off like Trump’s lid with the EPA retweets of the innauguration, the tech finally replaced the mounting pins for the front of the lid.  I can now wash bedding and water proof items with wild abandon knowing the lid will stay firmly in place.  Thanks Samsung!

Decluttering the basement continues


After weeks of complaining about the absolute bomb that went off caused by holiday decorations and moving things from upstairs into the “out of sight out of mind hole” aka the basement, I took the initiative.  Almost everything has been placed in a container with written labels on the front so I know what is in the container.  I’m shopping around for industrial shelving that will hold all the bins and get them off the floor.  That’s a spring project when I can open up the walk-out doors.

This tub is outta here, finally

Note the crap in and around the tub, its temporary storage that I call “To be thrown away”, my wife disagrees.

This thing is finally leaving the house.  We hired a local company owned by Veterans that only hires Veterans to actually remove it.  One of the only things in this new house that my wife and I both agree is just stupid will leave paving the way for much needed room to get some basement organization in full swing.  Come March, this space occupied by the tub we refuse to use will finally be gone.

BONUS:  “Look, humans without guns, cool”


Leaving the in-laws house the other day we saw a deer just standing there staring at us.  I’m sure he was all “they don’t have guns, wow” and we’re like “why’s he staring at us?”  I snapped a picture really quick, but the quality is a little low.  I put a green circle around the deer to make it easier to see.  Was cool to see nature so close.

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  1. Congrats on all of the repairs and organization…and on spotting a deer! I suspect you would love it here…deer go skippity-hopping through our yard on a fairly regular basis. (As do foxes and coyotes and rabbits, cats, dogs, squirrels, lizards, frogs, turtles, birds, snakes, possums, mice, voles, etc….and the occasional goats and pigs.) 😀

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  2. Our washing machine is doing well, but our dryer is getting to be a problem. Don’t want to think about it. Our basement is a decade long adventure in organization that never ends. We have one of those stupid tubs, too. Don’t like the thing, but have yet to get rid of it. We use ours as a linen closet for towels.

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  3. I have industrial shelving for sale. 🙂 Too bad you aren’t close by. It’s too big for a garage though. 😦 Hooray on spotting the deer. I always feel so honored when it happens. And the after Christmas reorganization is a good thing. Doing it myself. Love those tubs though I’m headed toward the clear tubs more so I can see what’s in there. At least we have stuff to put in them…for now. Giving stuff away left and right.

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