Monday randomness

It has been quite an interesting week or so, lots of things going on that will have an impact on my life over the next few weeks to few months.  First thing’s first though, my “cave” is now complete because I have now mounted that television that’s been sitting on the floor for weeks.  Here it is, directly in front of my desk:


This wall never looked so good!

I’ve already broken it in by watching The Day After Tomorrow, a movie that someone used to prove a point related to climate change or global warming, or whatever you call it.  Yes, it was as good this time as the last 20 or so times prior.  It really is a good movie set smack in the middle of what I call the “end of the world” genre.

Have some potential of getting a new position at work that is in the very beginning stages, otherwise I’d put more details into the post.  Lets just put it out there that it would be a promotion, more responsibility and of course a moderate bump in salary.  There would be travel associated with this position as well which doesn’t really make me excited, but the higher up you go, the more you travel.

I’ve also officially signed on with as a contributor and have started posting op-ed’s on their site.  If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been writing about, you can check out my author profile.  Be sure to check out the entire site as there are multiple contributors all with their own style of writing.  It truly is a good mix of writers that post about all sorts of topics.  I’m glad that I took the initiative and reached out, it’s been fun writing in a different style than I’m used to, which surprisingly, hasn’t been as hard as I had originally thought.

You can also see at this point, I’ve finally decided on a premium theme that I think I’ll be keeping for a while.  I don’t have a plan that allows me to tinker with CSS or any of that stuff, but I liked the look so much I felt what the hell.  Actually buying one removes my urge to constantly browse the free themes and make changes to the look, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for me it’s a time suck that I just can’t afford.  Ok, I got a theme I like now, so onward.

One final random thing, it’s been ridiculously warm in the northeast US for the last few days, easily in the mid-70’sF.  There are buds on the trees, the geese are flying back north (pooping on my car!), and for cripes sake the grass is getting green again.  I spent over $300 to get the snow blower fixed between last year and this year and dammit, I’m going to mow my law for the first time with the damn snow blower if it doesn’t snow at least a few inches this winter.  Remember, make sure to use fuel stabilizer and ethanol neutralizer in the fuel for your small engines, otherwise you’ll be replacing the carburetors every few years.

Enjoy the week peeps!  See you Thursday.


  1. Laughing here, I had a TV sitting on the floor of my home office for about 6 months. Finally it dawned on me that if I’d gone this long without it, I didn’t want it on the wall. However, I’m glad that you got your where you can see it.

    I messed around with various templates for a few years, then found the one I have now. Changed some colors on it– and decided to step away from the WP free themes page because it can become an addiction to the possibility of how cool your blog could look. Don’t even tempt me with that page.

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    1. There are many times where I am pushed to the basement for various reasons on the main floor of the house and I need a larger screen to watch movies on 🙂 I don’t have cable, so what I watch is usually downloaded or streamed through the laptop.

      I hear you about the free theme page being a distraction, having personally spent hours searching, testing, searching more, just to close the window hours later……with no change.

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    1. Fixed the mobile version, links are now at the bottom. Just moved the “sidebar” to the right side of the screen 😀

      Thanks for pointing that out as I would have never known, I generally don’t access my own site from my phone.



  2. Congratulations on your promotion. I hope it is something that you find extremely rewarding and satisfying. As to your “Premium” theme … it looks really good but I think you do actually have some CSS capabilities. I have a premium theme and I always tweak my CSS. If you need some CSS pointers let me know and I might (May) (Possibly could) (Nothing guaranteed) be able to help a little. Your theme looks a little like “Suits.” Is that the one you have chosen?

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    1. CSS capability is with the Premium hosting plan, I’m only on the Personal plan. I also don’t have the promotion yet, only just applied for it, but the chances are good that I’m on the short list, so fingers crossed. My current theme is called “Delights” and it was a decision that spanned months before I pulled the trigger on buying it.

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      1. I see what you are talking about. I have the premium plan and that’s why I can do the CSS tweaks. — But at least your plan eliminates the pesky appearance of advertising they tend to put on there. And you can change your font styles when you wish. It looks good and I checked it out on the “Screenfly” website and it appears like it should show up on all kinds of monitors nicely — including phones and mobile devices. You appear to be in good shape with your choice.

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