Three Things Thursday – 03/02/2017


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain


I can’t believe it’s already March!!  As I’m a life long technology geek, I thought I would highlight three services/applications that I use to help keep my stuff from falling into the hands of the NSA, lol.  Yes, the fact that my data is hard to get makes me happy.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not compensated in any way from any of these products.



I’ve been using, and paying for, LastPass for a few years now.  I pay for it now as I have multiple devices that I need to access passwords from and a paid subscription is required to do that.  The best part of using a cloud based, encrypted password manager is that I only have to remember one really hard and complex password (master DB password).  I let the application auto-generate random complex passwords for most of the sites and systems I access on a regular basis.  These guys have slowly improved their system and platform so that it’s great on any device.  I highly recommend if you’re pulling your hair out trying to remember all your passwords.



This is a new service for me as I got tired of manually encrypting my files on my laptop before uploading them to my cloud storage.  Boxcryptor allows me to assign entire folder structures or just select folders (sensitive stuff) locally and then the encrypted version is then synced with my cloud storage.  It has proven quite effective as not even my wife, whom I share my online storage with, can get into the files that I’ve set to auto-encrypt based on the folder.  I’m still evaluating the product, but have not run into any problems yet.



Need to send encrypted emails?  Want to have your emails inaccessible to even the provider?  This service does both.  I was amazingly impressed with them but wasn’t convinced they didn’t have access until I forgot my decryption password.  They informed me that I would have to reset my database and lose all the stored email.  I now use this account exclusively for very private or sensitive information such as taxes and insurance stuff.  I’m not sure at this time if its open to everyone or still on a waiting list.  They’re based in Switzerland.

 TTT Weekly Music Choice

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  1. It’ll come as no surprise to you that I’ve never heard of any of these products. If I need them I don’t know it! However, should I become aware of the fact that I do need them, then thanks in advance for this list.

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  2. No, I’m not surprised 😀 Out of the three, you should be at least using a password manager. LastPass is the one that I use, but others that are on the same level are Dashlane, KeeperSecurity and Sticky Password (all of which I’ve tried). Until the requirement to use decades old username/password methodology goes away, a password manager is practically required. Please please please tell me that you don’t have a sticky note anywhere with passwords???

    I’m semi-paranoid of the digital footprint I’ve created and have been using Boxcryptor and ProtonMail to reduce the size.


    1. Thanks! I’ll be getting back to tech related postings soon now that I’m posting political stuff elsewhere. Let me know if there is something specific you wanted me to cover.

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  3. I’ve been using last pass for a couple of years now. Have tried some others but this one is easy enough for my feeble old mind. The password to get into some days gives my memory a run for my money. It’s long and convoluted. I’ll have to check out the other two. Thanks for the information.

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