Three Things Thursday – 03/09/2017


Yes, still using Winter.  We’re expecting snow tomorrow!

Inspired by Nerd in the Brain




I’ve had an on and off again relationship with Facebook through the years.  I decided, after much thought, to sign back up and ONLY create a page to attach to my blog.  I did that, but in the 2 weeks since I had my account re-created, it has been disabled for 10 of the 14 days it’s been created.  I’m back on at this point, but it’s a only a matter of time before they disabled me again for some other random reason.

New Painting


Another work of art from my wife’s Girls Night group.  It’s in my office, where all the other ones are.  It’s funny she doesn’t think she’s good, but I think it’s actually brilliant.  I certainly can’t do this.

Trump “State Of The Union”


I streamed the Presidential address on my Roku, and it was ironic that it was FOX News that was streaming the broadcast.  I added the laser beams from Trump’s eyes and added the bubble “FAKE” if you’re wondering.  Just some humor for today.

 TTT Weekly Music Choice

rockondaughterCorsten’s Countdown 505 by Ferry Corsten


  1. I have never used would boost the number of people following my blog but I will keep it the way it is now. Great painting..very impressionistic… I like…..i never watch the SOTU speech…I prefer to read the transcript…it eliminates all the cheers, jeers and applause….plus do not have to listen to pundits babble….have a good evening my friend….chuq

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  2. So, I believe Facebook actually had a security issue with some accounts last week and disabled them for safety…as far as I’m aware it’s all up and running again now. What a coincidence!

    I think your wife’s painting is beautiful, it makes me thing of the strength in the feminine. Wonderful.

    LOL @Trump, I can’t even begin. I’m a Brit and even for us it’s just…ugh.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree, her painting is quite good and worthy of a place in my office. Some of the best conversations I’ve had about Trump are with non-US people. It’s be like if Peter Capaldi or Bear Grills ran for Prime Minister and won. I’m positive they would be doing a better job than Trump though.

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  3. Not a fan of FB, or more accurately of what FB has become. In it’s early days it was ok. I tried putting my blog on it, but the algorithms never allowed my content to show up consistently on friend’s feeds. Hope you have better luck once the system works again.

    I like the artwork– both your wife’s painting and your enhancement of the FOX News image. Nicely done.

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