Man-Cold and The Shack

98.7F!  I’m dying!

I missed last Monday’s post.  I was sick with a man-cold and didn’t feel like writing let alone doing anything to be honest.  My wife doesn’t get it, when I’m sick, just leave me alone.  I’m content being miserable by myself and don’t need to be checked or waited on.  For the most part she does just let me be, unless there are things that need to be done and she isn’t able to do them.  Reluctantly I forced myself to push through things when all I wanted to do was just go to bed.  Two nights last week I did just that, in bed by 8pm, in a row.  I was asleep by the time she came up and laid down; not even an explosion next to my head could have gotten me up from my sleep.

Now, more than a week after feeling the start of the man-cold, I’m finally starting to feel better but still not quite 100%.  My back teeth are floating though with all the water I’ve been drinking.  My nose is still blocked at times and things that I can normally dismiss in the office are making me nuts.  When I can hear things around me even with headphones on, either I need new batteries in my noise cancelling headphones or I’m way to focused on the noises around me to care about the music in my ears.  Anyway, I wish it was still the weekend, but my area is getting 14″ of snow according to the last forecast Tuesday into Wednesday so at least I’ll be working from home at least the next two days away from all the people who don’t understand how annoying they actually are to me.

Sad is an understatement

The wife and I got some time to go see a movie yesterday, dropped the daughter off at the grandparents house and then came back to have dinner.  We decided to see The Shack instead of Logan because it was my pick, and I’m not terribly interested in seeing Logan to begin with and can wait until it shows up on Netflix/Hulu.  The movie was profoundly sad and depressing with a very strong emphasis on God without being overtly religious.  In fact, there was one line in the movie that said religion was too much work and all he (character portraying Jesus I assumed) wanted was friends.  A father was saving his son from drowning and while in the water his daughter was taken by a pedophile.  The movie was about his journey from blind hatred to forgiveness to faithful acceptance.  Overall I enjoyed the movie and its message as it didn’t focus on any one religion; it focused on the faith.  Lets just say that the last 45 minutes, the theatre was “dusty” and the “dust” kept getting in my “eyes.”

It’s been a long time since a movie had that kind of impact with me.  The last movie with such impact was Passion of the Christ, which was brutally in your face.  No dust in the air with that one, but I wouldn’t want to see it again.  I’m actually surprised with myself for having seen two movies in as many weeks when for years I’ve said movies are a ripoff and not worth the money.  We used a gift certificate two weeks ago and had free “birthday” coupons for Sunday’s movie outing, so we only paid for food.  Not too bad considering the food is decent and relatively enjoyable.  My movie going, unless we get more gift certificates, won’t be continuing.  A $3k fence installation to start in April is sure to make sure of that.

Have a good week, for those in the northeast, stay safe and don’t get buried in the snow.  As long as you have plenty of bread, milk and eggs, you can make snow day French Toast.  I’ll be working and snow-blowing tomorrow.


  1. Hope you feel better…stay warm get rest and eat ….I have my office that everyone calls the “crypt”…I go in there and everyone avoids me with a passion so when I am sick I spend most of my time in there….chuq

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  2. Yes.. Passion of the Christ was notable for me too… and even though I have the movie in the collection I have no interest to see it again. For years prior I had been vasilating about my own personal religious beliefs, and I was raised Lutheran.. did the choir and usher routines while growing up.. confirmation classes, yada, yada.. I was not a “church guy” but I did the Sunday thing pretty much until I began college and found better uses for Sundays.
    As I’ve gotten old I’ve come to realize that religion can be a form of alternative reality that the mind requires to assign some meaning to those things in life that cannot be explained. I hold on to my early religious precepts as a part of my psyche finds comfort with it. I also have come to deny the modern religious preachings that humans have to accept guilt for being human and beg for (a)God’s mercy. Sorry. Life is tough enough without having to worship the fact I am supposed to feel guilty for enjoying it.
    But when I saw the movie, and it was very in-your-face.. as it should have been… I came to a realization, entirely from being a parent.. what father would let his son go through this crap when he has the power to save him? That was all it took to tip it in for me that organized religion was no place for me.. and that if I feel like making a connection to the Almighty I will do that on my own terms. ANYWAY.. this religious thing was way too long and not on topic.. it’s just you struck a nerve with that movie.

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  3. Understood.. but I was more replying to your remarks about the other movie, since you said your feelings for both were similar.

    Yeah.. regarding guys being sick.. that pretty much clobbers us.. just be quiet and stay away, please. Yet women.. gotta love ’em.. can be sick and still function.

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  4. It is a real bummer that you have not felt well. Colds can be devastating! I hate getting them so I rarely ever get them because I am a confirmed germaphobe and I always carry hand sanitizer … (Nobody touches me without me getting out the hand sanitizer) — I never open a public rest room door without gloves … Just as soon after shaking hands with anybody that I can I wash up to the elbows — When there is some cougher and hacker or some idiot dragging coughing and sneezing kids around in the store or somewhere I walk a wide berth around them … It is hard … but I have not had a real cold all year — not to say that I won’t eventually — plenty of fluids, lots of rest, an allergy sniffer on hand … some vaporous salve to swipe beneath my nose … I know what you have suffered and I feel for you and I hope you are much recovered by this time.

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  5. Glad that you’re feeling better. Colds are awful, sneaky and stupid. I agree about movies being a ripoff. IF I see one it’s via Netflix or on cable TV– going to the theater isn’t worth it to me. However, it sounds like you enjoyed the movie you saw, regardless of all the dust, so good for you!

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