Three Things Thursday – 03/16/2017


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain


Snowpocalypse 2017!

Coming home Monday this week, it was in the mid-40’s (F), sunny, and overall a very nice pre-Spring/late-Winter day.  The weather was talking about impending snow for days prior to Monday and I was skeptical that we were going to get anything as this isn’t the first time they’ve done this and we get about a wet sneeze’s worth of snow.  Here is a picture out my back door Monday at around 4:30pm.


Really was a nice day on Monday!

Fast-forward 24 hours, and it’s a white wonderland of snow, ice, and 40 MPH gusting winds putting the wind chill down around -10F.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but there was a sizable drift of snow up against the window that was easily 3′ high that’s since blown away from all the wind we had Tuesday into Wednesday.


Quite the difference, huh?

Trumpcare (aka American Healthcare Act)

Ok, don’t get all bent out of shape.  You can be happy about something like this when you see why it’s on my list this week.  Support for this mess of a bill with Republicans is quickly fading and is starting to be at serious risk of not passing one or both houses of Congress.  Having read the bill in it’s various stages, there is quite a bit that is clearly never going to work.  Obamacare (aka Affordable Care Act) is not much better and certainly needs to be replaced with “something.”  What that “something” is actually going to be is still a mystery to me.

Awesome Headset Found!

I finally found my headset that I used at my previous job.  It’s noise-cancelling and was actually on the expensive side.  I had it packed away in a random box that I came across by accident over this past weekend moving some boxes around.  I no longer have to tote the surprisingly fragile headset I have at work with me on days I work from home.  I used it yesterday on a conference call and no one had any issues hearing me on the call.


Binaural or BUST!

TTT Weekly Music Recommendation


True Self

by Soil


  1. The placement of the vertical spindles on your deck is different and eye-catching. I like them, whether they are accented with grass or with snow.

    I think that tweaking Obamacare to make it better is a sane and rational way to proceed rather than starting over again. Does the US Congress care about what I think? Hell no. I’m way too practical for them.

    Glad you found something old that you can re-use now. That always feels like a win to me.

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  2. Usually the more the government messes with something the worse it becomes but I do agree that something has to be done about the cost of health care in The United States. But then again, when I think about it … my Dad and my Grandparents lived their whole lives without any kind of government-sponsored or subsidized health care and they got along just fine. I think if there were no government-sponsored health care we would see the rise of plenty of specialized clinics to care for the needy because I think local communities and states and those who actually care what the Hippocratic Oath says would make it happen. What we really need to do is to get the professional freeloaders and the illegal immigrants off the system and that would go a long way toward reducing the associated costs.

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    1. It’s more than that. The current system is being extorted for ridiculous costs by the healthcare companies, pharma’s and even hospitals. I think we would be shocked to see just how much lower the true cost is compared to what we’re actually charged. I know for a fact that my one doctor charges double what it actually costs for a visit because he knows he only get on average about 50% of the cost covered by the health insurance company.

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  3. I am sick and have the fuzzy brain, so I can’t think much past, “Ohhhhhh, pretty snow” and “Ohhhhh, nifty hear-y, talk-y device.” I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and I’m ever so grateful that my blog friends can’t catch my cooties over the computer (because these cooties would seriously put a dent in the “having a fantastic weekend” thing). 😉

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