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Computer Brands Just Suck

After a recent purchase of the system pictured below, I decided that I didn’t want to have all the bloatware sitting on the system doing who knows what. I figured it would be a quick process to get it booted into a mode to allow a USB installation of vanilla Windows 11 Pro, but oh…

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Take the Bite out of Politics

The season of voting is upon us again and it’s been a literal charlie foxtrot in my neck of the woods. I can’t watch more than 15 minutes of television without seeing a political attack ad on one of the multiple candidates that are on the ticket this round. At no point have I ever…

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Technology Can Suck It

My career has been built on the technology that is controlling and running everything. It’s ironic that the technology that has created a career is the same technology that I now don’t trust and hate using outside of work hours. I already don’t carry my cell phone most weekends and, if I do, it’s on…

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So What If You’re Offended

I don’t recognize what’s going on around me anymore. Some time ago I shifted my focus on things to only what I could control through my own actions. Everything else that fell outside of that bubble was observed, thought about, pondered, etc., but at no point was it actioned by me. The difference in my…

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Down, But Not Out

What a horrible two weeks it’s been for me and the family. Not only did I eat something bad at a dinner event two weekends ago and get mild food poisoning for the entire weekend, but the following weekend the entire family ended up getting the flu. Two wasted weekends with work in between makes…

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Weekend Would You Rather #34

We’re heading into the weekend again and it’s time for another Would You Rather?. The rules are simple if you choose to respond: A selection must be chosenA reason for your selection over the other should be given If so inclined, you can join in on the weekly post yourself with your own question. A…

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