Three Things Thursday – 2/23/2017


Inspired by Nerd in the Brain


It seems strange to me that I’m still using the “Winter” graphic when for the last few days, it’s reached 70 and has been absolutely beautiful here in the north east.  I hope it holds out, but this is how it was last year just before we had 30″ of snow dumped on us over a long weekend in March.  Here’s hoping that I get to use my repaired snow blower before having to stow it away again until next year.

Random Painting


This is hard to look at when I’m feeling vertical

My wife came home one weekend with a large painting she picked up from the local Home Goods store.  She ended up getting it for $15, accidentally marked down as clearance, and its now hanging up in my stairwell from upstairs to downstairs.  It matches the front door, when its open, otherwise it’s something that still startles me every morning as I walk down to get coffee and leave for work.

Evil Floof


NO!  My chew toy!  Floof off dog!

This dude, named Harley, is an old asshole of a cat.  He not only stole the dog’s bed but also stole the dogs chew toy.  Every time KC would come over to grab it, Harley would swat at KC’s nose and she would wimper away to my wife or I to help save the day.  I just looked at KC and told her to grow a pair and grab the toy from the cat that has no claws.  KC is such a wuss.

Friendly Girl Scout Cookie Rivalry


Cookies taste so much better when they’re $3.99

Probably the most hilarous thing I’ve seen in the office to date.  One box showed up, as usual, from the guy that has three daughters.  A few days later, another box showed up that I thought was an amazing bargain.  Decide for yourself if you think it’s as much of a bargain as I did, because saving a penny is better than not saving a penny.  Oh, and I’m “that” guy, I put in exactly $3.99 for a box of cookies.  I went over a hour or so later and took back the change and gave the guy $1 in return.

TTT Weekly Music Choice


We’re taking it old school again this week, enjoy.

Appetite for Destruction by Guns N’ Roses


  1. The painting is….(pause for thought)….a painting. I enjoy my furry friends for they cannot be satisfied with what they have…they kinda remind me of couple spoiled brats….old school is always a welcome idea….and GNR is a fine choice…..have a good day….chuq

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  2. I really love the painting! 😀 It actually has me thinking about creating something similar.

    I’m with you on the Winter graphic. I’ve really considered changing over to a Spring one, but it just feels so wrong to do in February. And while we have temperatures in the 80s in our 10-day forecast, I’m still holding out hope that it may Winter again before it’s all over. (Even for NC, this is really oddly early for Winter to be done!)

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  3. Cats are inspiring, aren’t they? Give attitude, get what you want.

    The GS cookie marketing scheme is brilliant. I cannot believe no one around here has done this. Might suggest it the next time I’m mobbed by a pack of Brownies while walking out of the grocery. If nothing else it’d make their worn-out mothers laugh.

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